Today we know about modern blinds, but let's go back to the origin of the word.
The word blind comes from a northern Italian dialect, Store, 'rush mat'.
It is a piece of flexible material or assembled elements that is rolled up and unrolled to vary the light or heat in a room, or to create privacy.

Venetian blinds

An assembly of superimposed horizontal slats attached to each other at the ends, whose inclination or height can be varied by pulling on a rope, chain or winch and which acts as a blind. 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm wide slats are available. The housing can be made of painted steel or ultra-thin aluminium.

Roller blinds

Blind rolled up on a roller fixed to the top of a window, which is unrolled by pulling the end of the piece downwards, and provided with a device allowing it to roll up by itself after pulling it downwards slightly.





Vertical blinds

An assembly of vertical slats aligned and fixed at the top, which can be varied in angle or pulled to the side with a rope or chain and which acts as a blind. 

Tosca Collection

Panel glides

Custom-made Japanese panels have become an increasingly popular blind.
They are suitable for all types of rooms, but not recommended for wet rooms.
In addition to being perfect for separating rooms or decorating large windows, they allow you to create a refined atmosphere while filtering the light.
Japanese panels fit perfectly into a contemporary decor and lend themselves to all kinds of combinations.
The principle of the Japanese panels is simple: the panels (wide strips) slide on the left and on the right along the rail.

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The roll-up mosquito net is a formidable weapon for keeping insect bugs out of your home.

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